Living in Grace: Silence

When I am frustrated, upset, worried, or scared, I have a tendency to be silent. My husband will pester me continuously until I talk, reminding me again and again that in the situations when I am keeping silent & holding in my troubles, I am doing no good, especially for myself. The same, I think,Continue reading “Living in Grace: Silence”

Dreaming & Living: New Beginnings

Every good, every joy, every peace comes from the Lord. And at every hardship, challenge, & doubtful moment, nothing separates us from Christ. Here we are, friends. I’m stepping out today following this little weird dream I have that appears over & over in my soul. You may notice a few changes around here thatContinue reading “Dreaming & Living: New Beginnings”

What Makes This Great

I’ve been on hiatus from Soul Strings for a little over a week, soaking in the mountain air in Tennessee alongside my family. It was sweet, refreshing, and filled to the brim with rest. I didn’t think about our business, this blog, or much of anything other than when we were going to go swimmingContinue reading “What Makes This Great”

The Next Five Years

“What’s your goal? Your game plan? Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?” I used to hate these questions. Up until I started having babies, that was the constant wonder. “Janelle, what are you going to do with your life?” Guys, I don’t know. Something, I’m sure. And then babies startedContinue reading “The Next Five Years”