New Beginnings

My name is Janelle:  a wife to a graphic designer, a mom to two boys, and a woman in awe of a mighty God.

I am a young mom. I stay at home with my boys everyday and pray that my actions are displaying the Gospel of Jesus. I spend a lot of my time watching my boys play, chatter, giggle, stare out the window, and discover this earth we are so blessedly placed upon. Some days are wonderful, some days are absolutely horrible. Some days are easy, and some days are not. I don’t have it all together. But I follow a great God who does.

This is my chance to be a little honest, to cry a little bit, or even to laugh hysterically. I don’t know why Jesus chose me in the way He did, to trust me with the life of little babies, to trust me with His precious Gospel. But I hear Him telling me to run with Truth and trust it. Life is odd in that God so designed it all to knit together, a whole bunch of coincidences, happenings, and situations to fall into a sweet braid of His love.

These are my soul strings, my heart songs, my hopes. I dream a little loud sometimes. I hope you don’t mind. And I hope you’ll join me in making a great, great tune.

sunset table