Brave Because He Is Mighty

In August, I knew we were on the brink of chaos. It was a weird feeling; we had been in a season of buckling down to survive for the past two years, but the assurance that God was going to bring us a season of flourishing was overwhelming. We didn’t know a thing, we justContinue reading “Brave Because He Is Mighty”

A Famous God

Before I say anything, I want you to know how much I want you to experience God. Our women’s Bible study at church is in the 6th week of the Experiencing God Bible study, and I do not exaggerate that it has changed my life. I am not a whole new person, but my viewContinue reading “A Famous God”

What 26 Looks Like

When I was in my early 20s, I was pretty certain I had myself figured out. Like, I knew I was not a big fan of wearing flats. I also knew great food made my soul happy in so many ways. Writing was my hobby. I was actually pretty good with babies, considering I hadContinue reading “What 26 Looks Like”

Life Update

Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve had a life update for you. Talking at you can be fun, but only if you’re listening. Talking with? So much better. Let’s just talk life. A few weeks ago, Evan and I were talking about things. Life things. Business things. Writing things. Before I dive into it,Continue reading “Life Update”

Like a Tree

Last night we were driving around our city looking at houses. We like to dream about what the future holds for us, and sometimes that involves looking at houses we can’t move into. I mean, why not, right? We had just finished up at Target, it was only 7:30, and we needed to kill timeContinue reading “Like a Tree”