Motherhood Right Now

I’m trying to write. But I also have a four year old who has asked me three questions in the time it has taken me to open my browser and begin typing. I’m asked questions, told stories. I’ve heard the same sentences over and over, because my boys have a tendency to believe that IContinue reading “Motherhood Right Now”

Some Days

Okay, today: rough. I’m talking, I-might-be-throwing-tantrums-with-my-kids rough, because goodness. It is hard to love your kids when they want to defy your authority, begin climbing on top of everything (FINN), talk back, ask the question “Why?” 50+ times a day, or just want a whole lot of energy from me. Some days I just longContinue reading “Some Days”

I Have Three Kids, I’m an Expert

…Right? I wish. More like, “I have three kids, I care less about most things.” Should I give you examples of what that looks like? Do you care? Doesn’t matter, I’m sharing. I let my boys play with stupid junk, like the green stoppers they put in your Starbucks cup to keep it from spilling.Continue reading “I Have Three Kids, I’m an Expert”

Let It Be Well

I want the path I leave behind me to pave the way before my boys. I yelled at them something harsh the other night. I raised my voice because I love them too much and I get angry too easily. I asked for their forgiveness soon after, and they were quick. Forgiving. I hope we’reContinue reading “Let It Be Well”

4 Tips: Thriving with Three Boys

I grew up wishing I had sisters. I wanted built-in best friends, but I was instead left with two older brothers. They picked on me growing up, I screamed a lot, we fought. But I love them dearly, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  So becoming a mom of three boys should be easierContinue reading “4 Tips: Thriving with Three Boys”

The Story of Five

It’s shocking when the first month of your newborn baby’s life is over. It is a hard season, one that feels eternal, but is so short. And here we have a 6 week old who sleeps better than my older two ever did and nestled right into our life as though he’s always been here.Continue reading “The Story of Five”